Florida Estate Planning Questionnaire

Many of my clients have been asking me to post a copy of my Florida Estate Planning Questionnaire in a Microsoft word document so they can fill in and forward me the information online.

This information will be useful to any Florida Estate Planning Lawyer in the creation of an estate plan. If you would like a free review of your needs and suggestions on ways to save probate costs, estate taxes, and provide for your family the way you desire, take a few moments and fill out the form and email me a copy asking me for your free review. (my direct email address is in the document)

I will try to review the documents and discuss what makes sense for you within 72 hours.

If you are an Estate Planning Lawyer feel free to use this form and or provide any feedback on ways to improve it.

Note: The financial information only needs to be an estimate, no exact values are necessary. It is used to provide an estimate of the amount and types of assets so that proper planning can be addressed.

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