7 Ways to Disinherit your Heirs – Jacksonville Florida Estate Planning Lawyer

More about Anna Nicole’s will According to Jay MacDonald , You can accidentally disinherit your heirs,

Here are the 7 ways to disinherit your kids which Mr. MacDonald discusses:

1. Failure to update a will 2. Faulty will 3. Stepparent succession 4. Ademption 5. Misunderstanding survivorship 6. Mirror-image grant 7. Failure to prepare a will

Although children have no legal right to inheritance throughout most of the United States, many states do provide protection against accidental disinheritance. Because she was born after the execution of Anna Nicole’s will, Dannielynn will likely be considered a pretermitted child that was accidentally disinherited, and thus will likely inherit the bulk of Anna Nicole’s estate.

if you have a will you should review it, if not you should create one. For help with your will see a Jacksonville Estate Planning Lawyer.

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