Anatomy of a Florida Estate Plan

Jacksonville Living Trust, Jacksonville Beach, St Augustine, Ponte Vedra Living Trust, Orange Park Living TrustAs a Jacksonville Estate Planning Lawyer, one of the most common things I do is determine what is necessary for a clients Florida Estate Plan. Greg Herman-Giddens of the North Carolin Estate Planning Blog has an Article called the Anatomy of an Estate Plan where he discusses and defines the Basic Documents in an Estate Plan:

Durable power of Attorney
Health Care Power of Attorney Living Will
HIPAA Authorization, and
Living Trust

In addition to these document your Florida Estate Planning Attorney should be looking at

Insurance Asset Titles and Beneficiary Designations Investment Management Asset Protection

All of this should be reviewed on a regular basis and always when one of the following happens:

(1) Marriage, divorce, death of spouse.
(2) Birth of a child.
(3) Children become financially independent.
(4) Birth of a grandchild.
(5) New business venture.
(6) Substantial growth in your business.
(7) Job promotion.
(8) Retirement.
(9) Purchase of life insurance.
(10) Move to a different state.
(11) Substantial increase or decrease in wealth.
(12) Decision to make large charitable gifts.
(13) Increase in risk of being subject to a lawsuit.
(14) Substantial amounts of property are in joint names.
(15) You purchase real property (including a time share) in another state.

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