Britney Spears Not Competent Enough to Hire Lawyer

Britney’s dad had was appointed as conservator of her person and co-conservator of her estate, which means her dad is now in control of what Britney can do, who she can see, and he’s controlling all access to her bank accounts and credit cards.

Over the weekend, Britney attempted to hire her own lawyer to fight her dad’s attempt to take over her personal and financial affairs.

But, the Court refused to recognize Andrew Streisand as Britney’s lawyer because the court-appointed lawyer assigned to evaluate Britney said that Brit doesn’t have capacity right now to hire her own lawyer.

You’d think that someone with her wealth would have a Will , a Revocable Trust. , Health Care Directives, Powers of Attorney, Guardian Nominations … basically a comprehensive estate plan.

It’s too late now for Britney, but it’s not too late for you … today having a personal lawyer is both accessible and affordable and if you own your home, care about your family, and want a trusted advisor to call when you are in crisis, you should have your own. To create of review your Florida Estate Planning Contact a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer.

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