Can a Florida Resident Create a Will Outside of Florida?

If you are a resident of the state of Florida, you may create a will in another state. You do not have to create a Florida Will or execute a Florida Will within the state of Florida.

There are some areas of a will that even if executed in another state may not be valid in Florida. For example many states do not have the same restrictions on who can be a guardian or the formalities required to execute a will. Most wills, other than with a holographic will, that are validly executed in another state will be valid in Florida.

Florida requires that holographic wills be executed with the same formality as another will and does not recognize the exceptions for a handwritten will that some other states do.

In a Florida Will you must name a relative or resident of Florida to be a guardian for a minor child.

If you would like a Florida Will created for you or would like your Florida Will updated or reviewed please contact a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer

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