Choosing Your Florida Personal Representative

Being named the “Personal Representative” or “Executor” of someone’s estate under a

Florida Will

should be a decision made after consider several factors. Although many people may be tempted to name their spouse or one of their children as personal representative, there are certain qualities one should look in a candidate before deciding who to name. The following is a list of traits you should look for when deciding who should serve as your executor:



– the executor should be loyal to your beneficiaries and loyal to your final wishes. 2.


– the executor should treat multiple beneficiaries fairly and protect all of their interests equally in the probate process. 3.


– the executor will be trusted with large sums money, real property, and personal property. Your executor is capable of investing and selling all of these assets and will know all of your financial secrets. 4.


– the personal representative you choose will be responsible for performing several comprehensive tasks with deadlines that must be met. Good organizations skills make it quick and easy to locate information. 5.

Financial Background

– the personal representative should understand finances because during the probate process he must pay debts and collect revenues for the estate. Also, financial minded people can deal with investment accounts so they won’t suffer or drop in value before they can be distributed to your heirs. 6.

Tough Minded

– the executor should be able to deal with greedy beneficiaries who want their inheritance right way and any unforeseen circumstances that could arise.

With the proper personal representative, you can ensure that your estate is safe and distributed according to your wishes. For assistance in choosing a Personal Representative, contact a

Jacksonville Estate Planning Lawyer


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