Do it Yourself Wills? More bad news

I have previously written about Doing your own will in a post entitled Do it Yourself Wills? a Good Idea or Not?

Gerry W. Beyer of the Wills, Trusts, & Estate Professors Blog had an article that disccusses some of the other problems Do-it-yourself estate documents – the attractions and the dangers
In his article he discusses another problem that occurred because of a poorly drafted will stating that:

many seemingly straightforward cases contain large underwater stones. In one case, for example, stepchildren ended up paying $100,000 in legal fees to claim their inheritance; the reason is that their step-mother’s will left everything to her “children,” but she had never legally adopted her step-children

If you have used software, a form, or an online service to prepare your will, you should have it reviewed by a Florida Estate planning Attorney for potential problems.

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