Estate Planning and Fraudulent Seminars – Updated

It seems like ever few months we hear about another company who provides living trust seminars to the public and scares them into purchasing unnecessary trusts.

Another “Trust Mill” has been found guilty of practicing law without a license by masquerading as qualified financial advisers, estate planners, lawyers, and paralegals to exploit and prey upon senior citizens with the creation and selling of unnecessary and often useless living trusts.

In this case The Estate Plan, a company operating in Texas and Arkansas, was hit with a $16 Million default judgment for fraud, unauthorized practice of law, negligence, breach of fiduciary duty and conspiracy.

The following update was added after receiving a letter clarifing some information that was reported incorrectly by other news sites.
NOTE and clarification of other reports on this topic.
According to M. Wade Kimmel who is counsel for CLA USA, Inc., CLA USA Insurance Services, CLA Marketing, CLA Estate Services, CLA insurance services, Charles Loper, Jr., Charles Loper, III, Steven Morgan Robert Reese, winning Strategies Marketing, Inc., Quest Staffing Group, Inc., James E. Bradshaw, Jr. Joel Carson, and Olaf Turek, his clients were not part of this suit and their case was severed and no longer associated with the default judgment mentioned above. Mr. Kimmel wrote to me that his clients case’s are pending and his clients expressly denied the allegations in the suit.

Mr. Kimmel stated that the original suit involved his clients but that they were not properly joined and the court severed the cases. His clients were not involved in the default judgment. Any questions regarding M. Wade Kimmel’s clients should be directed to him

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