Faith Based Estate Planning

Faith and religion often underlie many decisions an individual makes in regards to their Florida Estate Plan. This realization prompted David A. Straus to write a book entitled Faith-Based Estate Planning: Our Values and Valuables. Straus’ book attempts lead the reader through the estate planning process, at all times keeping in mind their personal beliefs. The book focuses on how Estate Planning is not always about tax and probate avoidance as it is used to fulfill the planner’s final wishes.

Taking information from trade journals, magazines, book, websites, surveys and newspapers, Straus’ main goal is to provide a wealth of knowledge about faith to support those final wishes as desired. Health care, burial and resuscitation beliefs all fundamental beliefs based on faith and religion. For example, most Jewish and Eastern Orthodox practitioners believe it is a desecration of the body to be cremated or embalmed after death. These beliefs should be addressed in the estate plan so that everything goes according to your wishes.

Each religion addressed in Straus’ book is detailed with a geographical concentration, history, the number of practitioners, and integration of estate planning subject ideas. Furthermore, the book’s emphasis is on death rituals, philosophy of life, position in the afterlife and their effect on each religion’s perspective on investments and estate planning.

If you’re interested in how your religion and faith has an effect on the estate planning decisions you make this book is a useful read. Whatever religious beliefs are guiding your decisions, addressing each choice with the aid of a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer will ensure those end-of-life choices become reality.

FCC Disclosure: David Goldman received a free copy of this book to evaluate and discuss with clients and on his blog.

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