FDIC Extends Full Coverage to all IOTA trust accounts

The FDIC has extended FULL insurance coverage to all Florida IOTA trust accounts, regardless of amount on deposit or number of clients. The unlimited FDIC insurance is available at all financial institutions that participate in the FDIC’s Transaction Account Guarantee Program. Please make sure that you comply with the trust accounting rules by placing all short term or nominal funds of clients and third parties in your IOTA trust account. Those funds, which are incapable of generating income for individuals, in excess of the costs to secure that income, are pooled in IOTA accounts the interest from which provides legal services for the poor and other law-related public interest programs approved by the Florida Supreme Court. If you have any questions about your ethical responsibilities relating to your trust account, please call the Bar’s Ethics and Advertising Department at (800) 235-8619. If you have any questions about the mechanics of setting up an IOTA trust account or how the IOTA funds are used, please call The Florida Bar Foundation at (800) 541-2195.

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