TBE Bank Accounts and Asset Protection

When protecting one’s assets in Forida a Florida Asset Protection Lawyer will often look at the stying of accounts and other personal property.

There are situations when having a Bank account in the name of a husband and wife as tenants by the entireties can offer additional protection from creditors. In Florida if you open joint bank account or certificate of deposit (CD) and the joint owners are the husband and wife, the account will have the benefits of a tenants by the entireties account. The statute seems to allow for husband AND wife as well as husband OR wife and does not indicate any issues as to when or how the account was opened or if a spouse was added at a later time. Florida Statute 655.29(1) is very limited and does not establish TBE status on other types of accounts or personal property that you may own. It is important to review the way in which you hold title to your personal property to make sure you will be afforded creditor protection.

655.29(1) Unless otherwise expressly provided in a contract, agreement, or signature card executed in connection with the opening or maintenance of an account, including a certificate of deposit, a deposit account in the names of two or more persons shall be presumed to have been intended by such persons to provide that, upon the death of any one of them, all rights, title, interest, and claim in, to, and in respect of such deposit account, less all proper setoffs and charges in favor of the institution, vest in the surviving person or persons. Any deposit or account made in the name of two persons who are husband and wife shall be considered a tenancy by the entirety unless otherwise specified in writing.

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