Florida Elder Law: tips for taking a vacation

Long-term care is extraordinarily expensive, and the reality is that the majority of America’s senior care providers are in-home family members who provide those services out of the goodness of their hearts. These are usually family members that also have their own lives to live with careers and families of their own, so the additional daily schedule can be a big challenge

However, a life without fun is not worth living, and we recommend that every person spend time to get away and rejuvenate from the daily grind of everyday life. So our message to anyone currently caring for a senior is to take time for vacations. “But how?” you might ask; here are a few tips on how to take a vacation with an elder.

If you are traveling with your mom, dad, or another family member in your care we recommend doing a little research first. Look for a getaway that offers the kind of fun that won’t overwhelm the family. Other attributes to look for is a hotel located close to a doctor, pharmacy, hospital, or any other resource that might be needed. Some cities may also offer an in-home caregiver within your designation city, and these people can often come to the hotel and help out while you take time to explore on your own

We recommend forming a list of things the person in care will need before leaving. Stock up on prescriptions, medical supplies, snack and anything else your loved one might need before you go. Talk to concierge professionals about securing rental cars and hotel rooms that meet your senior’s accessibility needs. Further, most hotels and resorts are required to be handicap accessible, but some places go out of their way to accommodate these needs. Look for hotel destinations that place a great deal of importance in assisting elders and their needs

If the caregiver is looking for more “me time” than “we time,” he or she may also consider an adult day care service. Many nursing homes and assisted living facilities offer short-term placement services as well. As a caregiver, it is just as important that you take your health and well-being into consideration as the ones you care for.   Many cultures and countries place a great deal of importance into vacationing and we can’t agree more. By taking time off, it allows you as the caregiver to rest and relax, to become rejuvenated, and ready to come back to your responsibilities with earnest enthusiasm.   Taking time off will allow you to give better care to your loved ones

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