Florida Estate Battle Includes Millionaire Dogs and Pet Trust

chihuahua.jpgThe stage has been set for a estate contest concerning the estate of Gail Posner. Gail is the daughter and heiress of the late millionaire business executive Victor Posner. In her recent will admitted to probate, Gail left $3 million in a Florida Pet Trust fund for the care of her three Chihuahuas so that they could maintain the lifestyle in which they were brought up. Gail’s only surviving child, Bret Carr, is challenging the Florida Will declaring his mother was coerced into changing the Florida Will by her caretaker and employees.

Despite the fact that Carr was awarded $1 million under the Florida Will, Gail’s maids, personal trainer, and bodyguard received a total of $27 million. Carr’s allegations state that the Gail made changes to her Florida Estate Plan while she had with mental problems and was addicted to painkillers. The son alleges this led to the brainwashing of his mother by those who sought to cut him out of his grandfather’s fortune.

While Carr’s main concern is not the Florida Pet Trust, it could certainly be affected by the decision that is reached by the judge. In the event that undue influence is found, the entire Florida Will could be invalid.

If you are concerned about a Florida Pet Trust contact a Jacksonville Pet Trust lawyer to discuss the types of actions that can be taken to protect your animals and how to document it properly to help avoid claims of undue influence and other attacks.

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