Florida Firearms Law

Florida Firearms Law 101: Real issues taught by  Florida attorneys



Florida Firearms Law 101

Please help spread the word about or new Florida Firearms Law Class.   Below is a description of the class

This class is designed for those who have their concealed carry permits and desire further training in legal compliance. Presented by licensed Florida attorneys who practice extensively in Firearms issues, each session wraps up with a Q&A session where the participants are permitted to ask the attorney any questions they may have related to firearms law in Florida.

This is an invaluable class to help you protect your legal and financial interests that accompany the responsibility associated with being a law-abiding firearms owner.

The Florida Firearms Attorneys will discuss:

  1. Federal and State Prohibitions
  2. Laws relating to Concealed and Open Carry
  3. Common Mistakes Florida CWP holders make and how to avoid them
  4. Statewide Firearm Preemption
  5. Return of Firearms after Seizure
  6. Constitutional Issues
  7. The Law of Self-Defense and Stand Your Ground in Florida
  8. Other Current Issues including Gun Trusts and 41F
  9. PLUS: There will be a Q&A with licensed attorneys who focus in litigating firearms law matters and are actively involved in Firearms litigation around the state.

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If you are unable to attend on this date and would like to be notified of future classes, please let us know.

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