Florida Guardian: Choosing a Guardian for your Children

Florida residents who die with minor children should be concerned with who will raise their children? One of the most important reasons to have a will in Florida or any state is to have the ability to select the person who will take care of and raise your children. It’s a very simple process to select who will be the guardian of your children until the reach the age of 18. If a guardian is not selected, you will have no say in who raises your children, and they could end up being the responsibility of the State.

Sometimes parents want to choose different Guardians for different children.

Parents can allow the guardian to manage the finances of the child or children or select alternative people or institutions to manage the assets of minors.

It is important that both parents agree on the Guardian for their children. If there is a disagreement or conflict in each parents will, the court could be forced to make the decision if both parents die at the same time.

A Florida estate planning attorney can help you and your spouse determine what is important to include in your will and other estate planning documents to achieve your desired results.

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