Florida Lady Bird Deed Forms

Where can I get a Form for Florida Lady Bird Deed is a question that I am often asked. Florida Lady Bird Deeds are generally not available on the Internet because not many Florida Lawyers even know what they are. They are also far more complex than a regular deed.

I have seen several cases where clients used Ladybird deed that were not acceptable to Title insurance companies and the families had to open probate cases to clear the title on the property after the death of the grantor.

Because of this when we created our deeds we went to many title companies to get their feedback and modified our deed and they way they are filed to be in compliance with the title companies requirements.

In addition the language that is used on the remainder interest is very important because it is possible that the person named might not survive the original owner. If the wrong language is used, the property will revert back to the original owners estate and could potentially be subject to the claims of the creditors and Medicaid liens. They are often used in Florida Medicaid Planning.

If you need a Ladybird deed in Florida, you should Contact a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer who is familiar with Ladybird deeds.

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