Florida Millionaires increase and Estate Planning

Millionaires%2BSurvey%2B2007.jpgAs the Percentage of Florida Millionaires continues to rise, the need for more complex Florida Estate Planning continues to increase.

When ones assets are significant the benefits of a Florida Revocable Trust in conjunction with a Florida Will are increased. Florida’s probate fees can rapidly approach 30,000 dollars on some of these estates. These fees can be greatly reduced or eliminated with proper planning. Even Florida residents who have a Florida Revocable Trust may need some additional documents to avoid probate. One such document that Florida’s millionaires might consider is the Florida Enhanced Life Estate Deed or Florida LadyBird Deed (Enhanced Life Estate Deed) .

To discuss what steps you family can take to reduce your estate taxes and probate fees, Contact a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer to discuss your situation.

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