Florida Pet Trusts

This article has many interesting provisions that have been found in wills, but more common today are provisions dealing with trusts for pets.

Pet trusts are quickly becoming more common. Around 20 percent of pet owners include their pets in their wills. Florida have specific rules on how one can leave money or provide for their pets after their death. After years of resistance, more states are making it easier to set up a trust for a pet. A guardian is appointed to care for the animal and a trustee to take care of the finances.

People can be very detailed in planning their own funerals, down to requesting specific songs and Bible verses. “It’s less of a taboo topic,” said Leanna Hamill, an attorney from Hingham, Mass. “People talk about it more.”

The possibility of legal challenges can limit what one can do with a will. “The farther you go from standard provisions the more uncertain they are to be fulfilled,” said Neil Hendershot, an attorney from Harrisburg, Pa.

If you want to do anything unusual, the attorneys give this advice: Do your research. Talk to your family or anyone else involved long in advance. And, of course, consult a competent estate planning attorney.

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