Florida Probate Administration Definition

Administration – Probate or Trust: The process of handling the affairs of a deceased person’s estate or a trust. Florida Probate and Trust Administration
Ancillary Administration: probate proceedings in another state. This is usually necessary when the deceased person owned real estate in their sole name in a state other than his or her home state. It could be avoided by putting the property into a trust or passing the property so the beneficiary (beneficiaries have) has a remainder interest in which the property will pass to them by operation of law upon the death of the decedent. With limited exceptions such as requiring documents from the decedents probate in their home state ancillary probate in Florida is generally treated according to the same rules as if the decedent were domiciled in Florida.

Formal Administration: a proceeding before a probate judge either with a will or intestacy which is not a summary administration or disposition of property without administration and is governed by Chapter 733 of Florida statutes.

Summary Administration: an abbreviated proceeding before a probate judge either with a will or intestacy which the value of the entire estate subject to administration in this Florida, less the value of property exempt from the claims of creditors, does not exceed $75,000 or that the decedent has been dead for more than 2 years is governed by Chapter 735 of Florida statutes.

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