Florida Trust mills and Michigan trust mills

Florida has the same problems that have been identified by Christopher Berry, An Estate Planning Attorney in Michigan who writes the Estate Planning in Michigan Blog. Christopher recently wrote an article on The Problem with Michigan Trust Mills where he describes an occurrence that happens all over the country. I have previously written about this topic on several occasions in an updated piece entitled Living Trust Mills Winding Up In Some States UPDATED. In that article, I started a list of other articles dealing with Living Trust Mills:

1. Texarkana Arkansas Living Trust Seminar Class Action suit
2. California Living Trust Mill Judgment 3.Texas Bar story reported by Professor Beyer of Wills, Trusts & Estates Prof BlogLiving trust Scams and Senior Consumer
4. Michael Bonasera wrote an article titledLiving Trust Scams/Trust Mills/Elderlaw Planning Seminars – STAY AWAY! where he Ohio’s history with Trust Mills and cites a case Ohio Trust Mill Case of Cleveland Bar v Sharp Estate Services, Inc. which seems to have ended Trust Mills in Ohio.
5. Minnesota Sues “Trust Mills” on Consumeraffairs.com
6. Beware of Trust Mills when Estate Planning – by Randall Armour, CA Lawyer- reported on by Florida Estate Planning Lawyer Blog
7. Don’t Trust the “Trust Mills”, Traci D. Ellis Esquire 8. The Problem With Michigan Trust Mills, Christopher J. Berry, Esquire

For a while there articles on Trust Mills have been quite and I was beginning to think we had seen the last of them for a while. Hopefully this is a trend that is not starting again. If you need help with evaluation of your Florida Estate Planning Contact our Jacksonville Estate Planning Lawyer

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