Florida Will leaves everything to ex wife

In Florida, if you were married when a will was created by your spouse, a subsequent divorce will treat you as predeceasing your spouse in most cases. Even if you were living with your ex spouse, engaged, or had a new wedding date planned, a will executed before the divorce would not be valid in regards to anything devised from a person to his or her ex-spouse.

It is possible to talk with the family and if they agree, the beneficiaries can work together with the ex-spouse to provide assets after the death. The ex-spouse has no legal right to receive assets but it can be negotiated in a friendly arrangement.

If you are an ex-spouse who was friendly with their ex, contact a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer to discuss your options.

if you have been divorced or reacquainted with someone from a prior marriage, it is important to update your Jacksonville Estate Planning Documents to reflect your current intentions.

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