Forbes reports that 60% estate tax rate could be around the corner

Ashlea Ebeling with Forbes is reporting that next years estate taxes could be as high as 60% for some. This title is misleading because the maximum estate tax will be 55%. She gets 60 percent by adding the max rate of 55% plus the 5% surcharge for assets between 10 million and 17.184 million dollars. This surcharge only makes the overall rate closer to 55% and the full 55% rate is not achieved until the estate is in excess of the $17.184.
So while there is a 60% estate tax, it is only a marginal tax rate and the rate is never higher than 55%.

Please do not think I am ok with a 55% tax rate, but I did want to clarify the issue. If your estate is greater than 1 Million dollars, you should consider meeting with a Jacksonville Estate Planning Lawyer to discuss ways you can increase your exemptions or hedge against the taxes that would be due upon your death.

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