Free Florida Health Care Power of Attorney from Law Office of David M. Goldman

A medical power of attorney or Health Care Surrogate is an essential document.  With the current situation in Florida, we feel that everyone should be able to designate who they would like to make medical decisions if they are unable.

We have modified our Designation of Health Care Surrogate so that it can be signed at your home, and no office visit is required. This document will permit a spouse, kids, or whomever you designate to make medical decisions when you are unable.  Along with the Medical Power of Attorney, we include a HIPAA release. A HIPAA release permits your agent to speak with the medical professionals who are treating you as well as look at your medical records.

The laws have changed recently in Florida and your current document may not provide the specific authorizations needed for the latest changes dealing with the use of experimental treatments.  If your agent does not have the authority, they may not be able to provide you off label, or experimental treatments that are using medications which may help, but have not been FDA approved at the time you need them.

If you would like this document prepared for you at no charge, please complete the following link and let us know you are interested in a Florida Health Care Power of Attorney in the message.  We will send you an estate planning form and be happy to discuss what makes sense for you as well as discuss the proper way to execute the document so that it is valid without the use of a notary.  Be careful when these documents are signed, we often see documents that are invalid because of the execution.

This Offer is valid until May 1, 2020

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