How do you Revoke or Amend your Florida Will?

Last Will and Test.3.jpgIf you have ever thought about changing or invalidating your Florida Will it is recommended that you speak with an Attorney at an Orange Park Estate Planning Firm, who is familiar with the Florida Statutes which govern the preparation and revocation of Florida Wills.

All Florida Wills are revocable until your death- as long as you are competent. A Florida Will can be revoked by writing or by an act. A Florida Will can be revoked by the preparation of a later Florida Will. A Florida Will can also be revoked by burning, tearing, defacing, or destroying the will if it is done so purposely and intentionally.

If you want to revoke a Florida Will and ensure that it is never used, it would be advisable to collect all copies and destroy them. If this is not possible, write the word REVOKED on the original Florida Will, along with the date, and your signature. You should prepare a new will before or at the same time as you revoke the old will in case you die before the new will is prepared. If a new will is not prepared, the court will consider that you died without a will and will base the distribution of your assets on the Florida intestate succession laws.

You can also change a Florida Will instead of revoking the Florida Will if your personal or financial circumstances have changed.

If someone you have named as beneficiary or personal representative (executor) of your will has died, if you want to change your charitable or other distribution preferences, speak with an Orange Park Estate Planning Attorney to amend or replace your Florida Will.

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