How to Defend a Foreclosure in Jacksonville

foreclosure_sign_home.jpgIn Jacksonville a Florida Foreclosure Lawyer uses many laws that regulate the mortgage lending process to defend your Jacksonville Foreclosure. The first step is to determine what laws and issues apply to your case by doing a careful analysis of your specific circumstances.

When you talk with a Jacksonville Foreclosure Lawyers its important to determine your objectives from the start and make sure that if they are met, you will be able to afford the home and are just not delaying the inevitable. Do you want to keep the home, reduce penalties, clear your credit, or simply dispose of the home with as little damage to you as possible?

Its important to know whether your current loan was the original loan or a later refinance of the original loan and the date the loan was taken out. There are certain remedies that expire and before perusing a remedy it is important to know whether it will still be available.

We also want to know whether you were given false or incorrect information about your loan or the terms of the loan were change on you at the last minute. Sometimes a mortgage broker fills out incorrect information or steers you into a loan that makes them more money but is harmful to you and your family.

It is also important to look at how each payment was applied and that it was applied correctly. Many banks apply the funds incorrectly to their benefit in order to maximize fees and penalties.

In Jacksonville and the surrounding counties of Clay, St. Johns and Nassau, the courts have implemented a mandatory mediation that will be at the beginning of any new foreclosure lawsuits. It is important to have legal representation at this foreclosure mediation so that you are not talked into a bad deal. The banks will be represented by lawyers and they will be trying to get you to waive future rights and remedies that you may have. You should contact a Jacksonville Foreclosure Lawyer to discuss what options you have and how save your home or achieve your goals.

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