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foreclosure-sign.jpg Jacksonville Foreclosure Lawyers from the Law Office of David M. Goldman PLLC will be attending a workshop in Jacksonville Florida on Defending Foreclosures in Florida on Friday November 6th. April Charney, a nationally recognized foreclosure expert will be featured at the foreclosure workshop.

The Program will include

* Federal and State laws that Govern Mortgage Origination * Understanding Loan Documents, Origination, and Closing Process * Servicing Problems and Post Origination Issues * Common Law / State Law Causes of Action and Affirmative Defenses for Foreclosure Cases * Drafting Discovery and Foreclosure Motion Practice * Ethical Discussions / Consideration in Foreclosure Practice.

For More information on attending this seminar, you should contact Christa Figgins at 224-1545
If you are being faced with a Jacksonville Foreclosure or a Florida Foreclosure you should contact a Florida Foreclosure Lawyer to discuss your options and rights.

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