Jacksonville Foreclosure Mediation Lawyer

In Jacksonville Florida including Duval, Clay and St. Johns Counties, all new residential foreclosure lawsuits are directed to a “Mediation with the Lender”. While some who participate in these mediation feel they are getting a good deal, most do not realize what they are actually agreeing to when an agreement is reached. It is important to be represented by a Florida Foreclosure Lawyer or a Jacksonville Foreclosure Lawyer before attending one of the court ordered Foreclosure Mediations.

We have seen many cases, where the purported owner of the note tries to get the home owner to agree that they are the real party in interest and have the right to sue the homeowner. The agreements try to get the homeowners to waive all future rights to defenses and counterclaims for the improper actions of the people who are have filed the lawsuit. The agreements also cost the homeowner more than if they preformed under the existing loan and set the homeowner up for a future default and foreclosure.

Without someone who understands the terms of these agreements to represent you and negotiate, your outcome will likely be worse than the agreement you are presently in. While your payment may be lower in the short term, the reduction and past due amounts will be added on to the end. Another trick they try to pull is to let the interest rate float in 3-5 years. This will likely make your future payments much higher than they are now.

If you anticipate the need for a loan modification, or are expecting or have been served with a Florida Foreclosure Lawsuit contact a Jacksonville Foreclosure Defense Lawyer or Florida Foreclosure Defense Lawyer for a free consultation on what your options are and how to protect your home.

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