Loan Mortgage Modificiation and Foreclosure Defense

foreclosure-sign.jpg Many Jacksonville Foreclosure Lawyers see the poor attempt by banks to do loan modifications.

Loan Modifications are in the news in Jacksonville Florida where it appears that many have been told to stop making payments to be eligible for a Mortgage Modification. Once individuals stop making payments, the banks have been known to stall and claim that they have lost the records. Often individuals who participate in loan modifications must resubmit documents every thirty days. Many do not qualify for the government supported loan modifications and are only offered minor drops in the payments.

If you are participating or trying to achieve a Florida Loan Modification, you should be gathering information on violations of the laws by the people you are speaking to. Please contact a Florida Foreclosure Lawyer to request information on how to log these violations. These violations of the laws can be compensated and can help to offset your mortgage amount.

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