New Year’s Resolution – Prepare your Will

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for happy_new_year_3.jpgPrepare your Will! It’s easy, it’s affordable and it doesn’t involve giving up anything sweet.

We are all guilty of procrastinating when it comes to having our Florida Will prepared, make this a priority for 2011. Once you make the decision, you will be able to rest assured that when you pass (hopefully many years from now), your family will be provided for according to the provisions you have made.

If you die without a valid will you are said to have died “intestate”, and the
Florida laws of intestate succession will take over. Florida state law is then in charge of determining what goes to whom, as well as to appoint a personal representative to manage your estate. Although the state gives first priority to the surviving family members, the proportion of your estate that goes to family members is specified by state law. The state’s plan not be your plan. Be in control of your assets, consult with a Jacksonville Estate Planning Attorney and have your intentions put into a valid will.

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