Flordia has a Pet Trust Statute

699101_mans_best.jpgFlorida pet lovers are part of the estimated 71.4 million households that have at least one pet. according to an article published in the Chicago Sun-Times. Jacksonville animal lovers spend lots of time and money caring for their pets, but what happens to these beloved creatures when their owner passes away?

If you have not made an arrangement with a family member or friend your pet may end up in an animal shelter or worse. People create Florida Wills to provide for their families and there is a growing trend to create pet trusts. Remember the very wealthy Leona Helmslely, she left millions to care for her maltese poodle. Make arrangements by speaking with a Pet Trust Attorney, so the person you designate to take your dog or cat or other animal, will have the adequate funds to look after your pet.

If you love and cherish your dogs, cats and pets than make sure they are cared for should you pass away before them. The Florida Trust Code has provided for a pet trust which allows you to ensure that your animal alive during your lifetime is taken care of even after you are gone. If you want to discuss having a trust created to ensure that you have left appropriate funds for the future care of your beloved pet, call a Jacksonville Estate Planning Firm.

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