Multi State Estate Planning Techniques

Many people who have reached the age of retirement split their time between Florida and another state. Since we are at the prime time of year for this to be happening I thought it appropriate as a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer to write about some of the issues of Estate Planning lawyers from these states to make sure that any recent changes in the states laws are included in the will or revocable trusts that are in place or being prepared
Do you have to work with a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer to make sure your estate plan works in Florida and or a different state than where it was created? In most cases I find that the answer is no. Although competent drafting can establish the site of the trust as the state where it was created it can also establish another state when there are advantages. Most Florida Estate Planning Lawyer focus on one state and are not able to accurately determine what is the best state to use. This means that even if there are judicial proceedings in Florida, the court can interpret the revocable trust according to the chosen state in the trust.

An effective estate plan for dual residency is a challenge and an opportunity. Multi-state Estate Planning Documents reviewed to see if they can be enhanced please contact a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer.

If you would like your Estate Planning Documents reviewed by a Connecticut Estate Planning Lawyer you may contact Richard L. Shea.

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