NEW Estate Planning Guide from American Bar Association

ABA-guide-to-wills-trusts.jpgWhether you live in Jacksonville Florida or anywhere in the United States, you should find this guide helpful in educating yourself on what the various estate planning documents are used for.

This Guide is downloadable in its entirety; or it can be viewed online by chapters, all in PDF format, which include:

Ch. 1: Getting Started
Ch. 2: Transferring Property without a Will
Ch. 3: Making a Will
Ch. 4: Trusts
Ch. 5: Living Trusts
Ch. 6: Common Estate Planning Situations
Ch. 7: Special Considerations
Ch. 8: Death and Taxes
Ch. 9: Changing Your Mind: Changing, Adding to, or Revoking Your Will or Trust
Ch. 10: Choosing the Executor or Trustee
Ch. 11: Planning Now to Make Things Easier for Your Family
Ch. 12: When You Can’t Make the Decision: Living Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Other Disability Issues


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