New Florida Law for Durable Powers of Attorney

In a Bill supported by the Banks, you will no longer be able to obtain Springing Powers of Attorney in Florida. In addition, not only will you be required to have two witnesses sign in your presence like with a Florida Will or Florida Revocable Trust but you will also need a notary for it to be valid.

Each agent will have full authority to act independently, there will be new Mandatory Duties, Default Duties, and separate signing requirements for certain authorities like creating or revoking trusts, making gifts, disclaimers, and powers of appointment.

In addition, certain non family members will not be able to do certain things like support others, transfer certain interests in the principals property by gift, right of survivorship, beneficiary designation, disclaimer unless the POA provides otherwise.

And all gifts will be limited to the federal gift tax annual exclusion ($13,000 currently) unless the document states otherwise.

If you are considering a new power of attorney or revising your Durable Power of Attorney in Florida, you may consider doing a new one before October 1, 2011 or be forced to create one with the limitations and exclusions of the new Florida Statue.

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