NFA Firearms & Gun Trusts? Are they at risk with the Supreme Court?

Jacksonville Gun Lawyer, Florida NRA trust, Gun Trust, Class 3 TrustThis week the Supreme court decided to review a Washington D.C. Court decision that struck down a 31 year ban on pistols.

Many believe that the argument and decision by the Supreme Court will be based upon the widely contested interpretation of the 2nd amendment. Over the past few decades many have argued that the 2nd amendment of the United States Constitution was meant to only apply to states rights to arm their militia. The NRA, pro gun organizations, and many American have insisted that the 2nd amendment clearly applies to the individual rights of United States citizens.

Generally many communities have been imposing tighter restrictions on the rights of their state residents to own and possess guns of all types. The primary concern seems to be based around Title II Firearms (sold by Class 3 SOT dealers) which include silencers, short barrel rifles, and automatic weapons. Some states have restrictions on the ownership and possession of these devices in addition to the federal restrictions that are in place. Other states like Florida have no additional state restrictions at this time.

In many states without additional restrictions, the Chief Law Enforcement Officers of those states have refused to sign the documentation necessary for an individual to possess these items. Many have found that a NFA Gun Trust or Gun Trust is often the best way to acquire these firearms.

When one uses a NFA GunTrust, the federal government does the processing and any background checks instead of the local CLEO.

Many SWAT team members, police officers, and other government employees who are allowed to use their own firearms in their job have had to resort to creating Gun Trusts.

There are many benefits of a NFA firearms gun trust over owning the firearms as an individual, corporation, or limited liability company. In addition to the benefits, there are many risks associated with an improperly created NFA Gun Trust. These are similar to the risk of ownership of NFA items as an individual.

It has been rumored the decision in this Supreme Court case could affect gun laws and ownership in many additional states.

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