Guardianship for Developmentally Disabled

Jacksonville Guardianship Lawyer.jpgMany people residing in the St. Augustine area, suffer from developmental disabilities. Unfortunately, as these individuals get older, the disease progresses to the point where the person is often unable to take care of and manage their own financial and personal affairs.

A Florida procedure can appoint a Florida guardian advocate for a person with developmental disabilities, without an adjudication of incapacity. One way this appointment can be accomplished is if the disabled person has voluntarily petitioned for the appointment of a guardian advocate. If the disabled person is able to care for some, but not all of his personal care and finances, a guardian advocate will be able to act for the disabled person in certain specified matters.

If you have a relative or friend that suffers from a developmental disability and you believe that this person is unable to care for themselves, contact a St. Augustine Guardianship Attorney to learn more about the process of being appointed a guardian advocate.

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