Out of State Durable Powers of Attorney and Validity in Florida

A Power of Attorney is generally valid when you travel because a Power of Attorney valid in another state will be valid in Florida. That being said there has been a problem with out of state Power of Attorney being properly recognized in Florida. As a result Florida passed laws that when complied with allow the agent to recover fees associated with the enforcement of a Power of Attorney which is in substantial compliance with the statute.

What does that mean for you? There is no reason why someone should not accept an out of state Power of Attorney, but no recourse when they do not.

Generally when moving to Florida, we recommend that our clients execute new Durable Power of Attorney Documents when possible. When this is not possible clients can check with their local banks to see if they will accept them. This should be done prior to transferring money to the financial institution. We have seen cases where banks accept the transfer and creation of accounts and then do not accept the agent’s authority later.

To check if your Durable Power of Attorney or Power of Attorney is compliant with Florida law please Contact a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer.

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