Overriding your will by mistake

Jacksonville Florida WillWhen reviewing your Florida Estate Plan be sure that your will does not conflict with other actions you have taken to avoid probate.

Assets that have joint ownership, payable on death designations or beneficiaries will not pass to the beneficiaries names in your Florida Estate Planning Documents. Often a person’s will leave assets split equally among their heirs. When a bank account, IRA, CD, or life insurance policy names someone else as the owner, the asset is not counted as part of the estate and the asset will not be split how the will designates.

This can reduce the amount of assets that other beneficiaries receive compared to the person who is the joint owner or beneficiary of the bank account, IRA, CD, or life insurance policy.

One solution to this problem is the use of a funded Florida Revocable Trust or Florida Living Trust. The technique would be to name the trust as the beneficiary and have the trust make the distributions as you want.

For more details on these or other techniques you should contact to a Florida Estate Planning Lawyer or have your attorney review all of your account designations along with your Florida Estate Planning Documents.

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