Probate and Guardianship fees may increase by thousands in Florida

SB 1718 & HB 5117 dealing with funding the court would create new filing fees in probate and Guardianship cases that would range from $1,000 to $5,000, depending on the value of the estate of the person being protected.

The increase in filing fees is linked to probate cases but includes all guardianship proceedings. In addition to the current fee of $280, the additional fees will be tied to the person’s estate. Depending on the value of the estate and whether the House or Senate version of the legislation prevails, the additional cost could range from $1,000, to as high as $5,000 if the person being cared for has a large estate.

If you have been waiting to start a Florida Probate or Guardianship proceeding, now may be the time start before the fees increase.

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