Removal of Florida Guardian may be in the Best Interest of the Ward.

A Florida guardian may be appointed to exercise limited or total powers over a ward (minor, elderly or incapacitated person). There are times when a Jacksonville guardian appointed by the court has failed to act in the best interest of the ward. If a Jacksonville Guardian fails to ensure that the ward is being properly cared for or is not managing the ward’s property and assets in a responsible manner, a family member, friend or interested person may have to take action.

Consulting with a Jacksonville Guardianship Attorney may be the first step needed to rectify a frustrating situation, when you feel powerless to protect a ward. The Florida statutes allow for a proceeding to remove a guardian upon a showing that one of the proscribed reasons has been met. Reasons for removal, among several, may be when a guardian has abused his or her powers, has wasted or mismanaged the ward’s property or when a conflict has developed between the guardian and the ward.

To obtain information about the procedure for removal of a guardian or how to terminate a guardianship, it is best to discuss your situation with a Jacksonville Estate Planning Law Firm who has experience in guardianship matters.

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