Response from RocketLawyer about Defective Durable Power of Attorney

Today, I received a response from RocketLawyer about the article I wrote on using a Free Durable Power of Attorney and potential problems. The good news is they are asking for help to fix the problems. As noted in their email, they do encourage visitors to seek legal counsel from attorneys like me when they are unsure of doing something for themselves. My only question which I shall pose to them, is how is a consumer who is uneducated in legal matters supposed to determine when they are unsure of how to do something. Isn’t the point of using a service like theirs to rely on their expertise to help create legal documents?
Below is a copy of their email

Dear David,

I recently read your critique of our Florida Durable Power of Attorney form on your blog. We strive to offer the best legal help to consumers online and we take criticism like yours seriously.

As such, perhaps you would be willing to help us perfect the form to remedy the defects that you think exist? We have our own staff attorneys who review our documents for accuracy regularly. But, that doesn’t mean that someone like you can’t add additional value for our visitors.

You also wrote about how to cancel a membership. It is very easy. We stand by our promise of a free document, and [canceling] is clearly detailed on our support page, which is accessible from every page on the site. Our customer service reps are also trained to send people to this page immediately, as we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Lastly, we also encourage visitors to seek legal counsel from attorneys like you, when they are unsure about doing something for themselves. Perhaps you would be willing to create a free profile at to potentially help our visitors and even promote your services to potential clients?

Please feel free to contact me directly and perhaps after you have had a chance to create your profile and work with our editorial team, you may reconsider your assessment and help us deliver affordable legal help together.

Kind regards,
Charley Moore

I will keep you updated with the progress on this topic.

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