Second Marriage and Life Insurance

As the second marriage becomes more popular, it becomes more important than ever to protect your life insurance for your children. I received a call today where the second wife had changed the life insurance benefits to her name, as might be expected. Five months later the father of two children died. The second wife will receive all the benefits of the life insurance and non will go to help support the fathers biological children. When the wife dies, it is likely that the money will go to her biological children and the fathers children will receive nothing. What this the intent of the father? Probably not? Can anything be done to protect your assets for your descendants? yes
How can you allow a portion of the money to be available for the benefit of a second or third wife and give part to your biological children. One way is through changes in the beneficiary designations. Although this can be difficult and some companies require the consent of the spouse, it is not impossible.

The better way, is to set up a revocable trust. The trust can designate who you would like to receive the proceeds and how you want the money distributed. Even better, once you create the trust, you can amend it.

It is best to create the trust before you get married, and amend it when you choose. Paul A. Rabalais of the Estate Planning Law Firm of Louisiana Blog recently wrote a similar article on this topic that you may want to review for more information.

If you need help creating a Florida Revocable Trust Contact a Florida attorney who is familiar with Florida Estate Planning Documents

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