Should I receive regular payments from a Trust as a Beneficiary?

Beneficiaries or people who think they are beneficiaries of trusts often ask up if they should receive regular payments or distributions from a trust. As with most legal issues the answers “depends on the circumstances and what the documents state”.

Without reviewing your trust to determine if it is a revocable trust, revocable trust that has become irrevocable, or an irrevocable trust as well who the beneficiaries it is difficult to tell whether you are entitled to anything.

Sometimes people think they are beneficiaries when they are contingent beneficiaries and have no rights until a triggering event occurs. Often that is the death of the person who created the trust or their spouse.

There are so many possibilities as to the rights you have that it would be impossible to go over each of them without a place to start. The place to start is by having a Florida estate planning lawyer or Florida trust lawyer review your trust. If you would like your trust reviewed and was written in Florida or created by a Florida resident, contact us and we can discuss review your trust and help you determine your rights under the trust document.

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