Step-Siblings & Half Bloods in Florida Inheritance

Florida probate cases often involve situations where the decedent has step-siblings or half blood siblings.

Under Florida’s intestate statutes a step brother or sister would not receive any share of the decedent’s estate, but a half blood (one related by one parent) would receive 1/2 as much as a child that was related by both parents of the decedent.

In the case were there are only half blood siblings, each of them receives a full share.

An example might be where your mother and father had 2 children together. Your mother and father each had a child from another relationship. If you died, your sibling from both parents would receive 1 share of your estate and your other two siblings (1 from your father and one from your mother) would receive 1/2 share each. This would mean that your full brother would receive 1/2 of your estate and each half-blood sibling would receive 1/4.

This is assuming that you had no descendants and your parents had predeceased you. If you have half blood and step siblings and would like to know what your rights to inheritance are Contact a Jacksonville Florida Estate Planning Lawyer

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