Stopping a Florida Foreclosure Lawsuit

Most homeowners do not realize that a Florida foreclosure can be defended. Homeowners have the ability to fight for your right to remain in you home. THE Law Office of David M. Goldman PLLC CAN FIGHT FOR YOU!

You may be upside down in your property today and think that walking away is your best option. STOP AND THINK. This may not be the right choice for you and your family! Over time your equity will return and by defending your foreclosure now, your future equity can be in protected and you may stand a better chance to economically survive. Fighting a Foreclosure makes sense for many Florida families and should be discussed with a Florida Foreclosure Lawyer or a Florida Foreclosure Lawyer who can look at your individual circumstances and let you know what your options are.

You may be behind in your payments and might have received a notice of default. That does not mean you must leave your property! Regardless of what debt collectors are telling you. You are a homeowner, not a renter. Eviction is not the lenders remedy. You have a right to fight for your home.

Sometimes events in your life have result in a financial hardship. Just because you are in default, it does not mean you have to rollover and abandon your home. By allowing the foreclosure to proceed without asserting your rights, you are providing relief to lender and giving them an easy out to seek the judicial sale your home, whether they actually own your home or not. You may believe you are in the wrong because you haven’t made your payments. This is not always the case. An experienced Jacksonville Foreclosure Lawyers or Florida Foreclosure Lawyer can explain why you should assert your rights and ways to protect your home.

There has been a barrage of “Non-Lawyer assistance” programs soliciting services to negotiate a “work-out”. Once a lawsuit has been filed, they cannot represent you and protect you in the Florida foreclosure lawsuit. Unless and until you receive a court document confirming the foreclosure has been dismissed, the lawyers on the other side will proceed. Regardless of what anyone is telling you! 

We have seen many clients that are in the process of a loan modification and a Florida Foreclosure case is filed against them. There are steps that every homeowner should take to protect their rights even if they are not in foreclosure at this time. The company you are paying for your monthly payment to may not even own your note and you may find that you owe the money to someone else. IF you own a home and are at risk of a foreclosure in Florida you should contact a Jacksonville Foreclosure Lawyers or Florida Foreclosure Lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your options.

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