Tennessee NFA Gun Trust Lawyer®

Tennessee has joined the growing list of states in which we have a relationship with a lawyer who is familiar with the (NFA) National Firearms Act’s requirements relating to the formation of trusts to purchase Title II Firearms (sold by Class 3 SOT dealers). These include silencers, short barrel rifles, and machine guns.

If you are looking to create a Tennessee NFA Gun Trust, please Contact us and we can help make sure your trust deals with the many unique issues surrounding owning these firearms in a Revocable Trust
If you live in Tennessee or another state and wish to create a NFA trust to protect your family and purchase NFA firearms (Title II) or Title I firearms Contact a NFA Gun Trust Lawyer® in your state.

If you are a lawyer licensed in any state and would like to work with us to provide NFA trusts to clients in your state, please Contact David Goldman a Florida Gun Trust Lawyer.

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