Canadian-based TV production company – CMJ PRODUCTIONS – is currently shooting a new documentary series called, ‘The Will’ airing on INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY.
“The Will” tells the true life stories of complex and surprising disputes that have arisen surrounding a will, estate or trust.

The series is now accepting story submissions to appear on-air. They are looking for dramatic, unusual stories with numerous twists and turns, secrets and real emotion. Most importantly, all cases must have reached a final ruling or settlement in order to be considered. The company wants to interview all parties involved as well as their legal representatives.
Stories from Canada, the United States or the United Kingdom will all be accepted.
The goal of this series is to objectively illustrate both sides involved.

Each episode will explore why each party felt entitled to the involved inheritance and why they might have thought that others were less deserving than themselves.

Involvement with the series offers a great opportunity for legal experts to help viewers to deepen their understanding of the importance of wills and estates.

If you would like to participate in this series, or have a case you think they should profile, please contact researcher Ramelle Mair at r.mair@cmjprod.ca.

For more information on the production company, feel free to check out the CMJ Productions, 100-640 Notre-Dame, Saint Lambert (Quebec), Canada, J4P 2L1.

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