Tips for Selecting a Guardian for Your Minor Child

baby.jpgAfter having a child, one of the first decisions parents should make is deciding who the guardian of the child will be in the event both parents pass away. While many parents may talk about who they wish to take care of their child in the event of their deaths, it is important to include this decision in your estate plan to ensure the individual left with this responsibility is in fact the person the parents chose. Here are a few helpful hints when the time comes to make a guardian decision.

1) Will this person be a responsible guardian? Does the individual have the parenting skills necessary to care for your child and look after them properly?
2) Where does the potential guardian live? If you do not want your child to be uprooted from his home, you should pick someone who lives near you.
3) Is the potential guardian too old or too young to care for your child? The person selected should be physically able to care for the child. They should also be in touch with the latest issues children deal with at school and at home.
4) Consider the religious, political, and moral beliefs of the prospective guardian. In the event both parents pass away, more than likely you will want your child to grow up with similar values to your own.
5) Is the potential guardian comfortable and willing to take on the guardianship? It is important to ask the potential guardian and to receive their acceptance of the position. A child is a huge responsibility that some people may not be ready for.

If you are unsure who to select as your child’s guardian or have no idea how to decide, your Jacksonville Estate Planning Lawyer may be able to help guide you in choosing the right guardian for your child.

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