Trust Mill Fined 6.4 Million in Ohio

American Family Prepaid Legal Corporation and Heritage Marketing, their officers and employees have been bared from the practice of law for in over 3800 acts by participating in an illegal Trust Mill.

The firms sent direct mail ads to Ohio residents over the age of 65containing exaggerated claims regarding the costs and complications of disposing of their assets through a will. Then those that responded were targeted with high-pressure in-home presentations in which American Family’s non-attorney sales representatives provided them with legal advice including inflated “estimates” of the costs of probating their estates and the purported savings the customer would realize by purchasing American Family’s standardized living trust document – regardless of the size or composition of that individual’s estate or his/her existing estate planning documents.

We see these all the time and its important to remember that not everyone needs a trust nor is a trust the best solution for everyone. Its important to discuss you specific circumstances and objectives with an Jacksonville Florida Estate Planning Lawyer to determine what is the best procedure for you and your family.

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