Waiving Your Homestead Protection: Florida Supreme Court Speaks

While credit is tight and many Jacksonville consumers are facing foreclosure on their homes, and attempts to collect old credit card debts, companies have been trying to use waiver of you homestead to collect debts. For over 100 years Jacksonville residents and those living in Florida have had been able to protect their home from claims of creditors. Arguably the home is one of the most valuable assets a Florida resident has. Recently there has been concern over the ability of a homeowner to waive their right to protection. The Florida courts have allowed people to waive many of their constitutionally protected rights, but up to now a waiver of ones Florida homestead protection was invalid except in the case of a valid pre or post nuptial agreement. This case represented the most recent attempt to allow waiver of ones constitutionally protected homestead protection.

In a case involving the Florida Constitution’s exemption which protects homeowners’ residences from forced sale, the Supreme Court of Florida reaffirms that, while the exemption can be waived in a mortgage, it cannot be waived in an unsecured agreement. The court rejects claims that it should recede from its precedent based on a constitutional amendment, a purported national trend approving such waivers, and recent holdings that other constitutional rights can be waived.
To review the case and the extensive analysis the Florida Supreme Court took read Chames v. Demayo

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