We the People franchise found to be practicing law without a license

There are many places to get advice on the Internet. Be sure when you are looking for legal advice, you are working with a licensed lawyer. Below is the finding of the Ohio State Bar in regards to one such service.

We the People is a franchise that provides forms and help in legal matters including wills, trusts, divorces, bankruptcy and other areas of law.

The Ohio State Bar found that they were practicing law without a license because they were owned and operated by attorneys not licenced in Ohio and advised individuals with respect to the completion of forms for filing a personal bankruptcy, application of probate, advising individuals on how to complete the forms and what answers to put down, directing individuals to execute documents and charging them for services, instructing completion of forms in disregard for proper procedures and determination by the Bankruptcy Court that the filing was incomplete, preparation of unnecessary and incorrect form for administration of an estate, preparing improperly completed forms for a bankruptcy, issuing advertisements, and advertising the preparation of services for living trusts, wills, powers of attorney, and incorporation’s.

They were enjoined form further engaging in the unauthorized practice of law and from damaging members of the public and fined $10,00 per occurrence as a civil penalty as well as court costs.

To read more download the case Ohio State Bar Association v. Martin et al., No. 2007-1939, 2008 Ohio 1809; 2008 Ohio Lexis 1024 (April 23, 2008)

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